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Andrea R.

January 2018
Bob had our 5 month old Boxer puppy doing more and behaving calmly within the first 1/2 hour of being in our home. By end of first session we were amazed. Don't waste your time or money at the training classes at the pet store! Even though Loki is not our first Boxer and not our first dog, he gave us a much better understanding as to the why of his behavior and showed us how we were actually enabling his chewing on Momma. Can't wait until the next session

Joe H.

January 2016

I can honestly not express how impressed we were with Mr. Kessler and his training. We were at the end of our rope with our two rescue dogs and their behaviors. Within minutes of entering our home, we were given valuable insight to why the dogs were acting the way they were. After the very first lesson, we were able to use his teachings and our newest rescue now sits on command. Something we honestly thought would be impossible. He was also able to tell us that all our good intentions were not helping our dogs but we were actually making things worse. It will be a very long road (each dog came with quite a bit of baggage) but I am very optimistic that with a lot of work and the great training provided by Mr. Kessler, we will have happy, confident, healthy (and obedient!!) dogs. I highly recommend Purely Positive Dog Training

Doug F. , MD.

July , 2017

Robert is terrific! With no prior dog experience he was able to give my wife and I a feeling of control of our 2 puppies in the first session. Our dogs also made a new best friend within minutes. It's wonderful to know that dogs can be trained with positive feedback and encouragement and not have to raise a voice or demean them in any way. Wish I knew these things raising my kids. 

Stephen P.

January 2019

Bob has been the absolute best. He is always positive and works well with both your dog and you to get the best positive results. Our dog learned how to heel, walk on a long lead, in and out of the car, drop things, retrieve all through positive reinforcement. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Michael D. 

November 25, 2018

Oh my god!! What an amazing experience! I have 3 rescue dogs and all have different behavioral issues (barking, jumping, demanding behavior, growling) Bob was able to explain to us why the dogs behaved the way they did and gave us wonderful techniques on how to correct them. Our dogs ruled the household and Bob is helping us to take back our leadership role. This was our visit with him and we can already see a difference. We are looking forward to working him more and highly recommend him, he is a very skilled trainer.

Jerry P.

September 2017

One week after our first training session, huge differences in our two unruly dogs behaviors are noticeable. Both are near perfect walking on their leashes, rough horseplay has been almost completely been eliminated, both dogs stay off our furniture, and all around seem to be more relaxed and content. One dog has had aggressive tendencies towards guests in the past, and it appears that there has been a huge improvement in that area as well. I'm very impressed with the changes I've seen in such a short period of time. We will certainly continue to work with Bob to ensure our dogs are happy and well behaved.