What is an Animal Advocate


I find that SW Florida is not dog-friendly.  Not that the residents do not love their dogs.  Its just there are so many natural threats and hazards for dogs and humans alike that are life-threatening.   The bufo or cane toad is super deadly to dogs, as are gators and probably too much red tide or other toxins in the waters.  There are tons of dogs but few places to let them run free.  There are a few county dog-parks, but they are limited in space, usually crowded in the morning and evening when it’s cool and highly restricted.  There are very few things for the dogs to do except chase a ball or play with the other dogs. There is a dog beach, which in my opinion, should be called the dog swamp.   The few free spaces are barely adequate for the high volume of dogs that live in Southwest Florida.   Every once in a while, you can find a stretch of land near a stream.  Otherwise, the rivers, lakes, and ponds pose gator problems. Up north, there are plenty of places to allow your dog to run and explore, sometimes off leash. Unlike Florida, the schoolyards are unlocked and available to the public after school. There are schools in almost every neighborhood, with large ball fields and some with fenced in tennis and/or basketball courts which are easily accessible.  You can train your dog in the fenced in courts off leash when available. After school is out, in the evening, the dog walkers will appear at some of these schools or at parks.  In cities where I lived.  Southwest Florida should work to accommodate the large dog population as soon as possible





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