Bob will help you and your dog in the following areas:

Pulling and loose lead walking
Basic obedience
Behavior Modification
Behavior Management
Aggression Control and Management
Home & Park visits


Bob Kessler is an attorney, certified behaviorist and dog trainer specializing in dog communication, management and socialization,  He has shown German shepherd dogs in the breed ring, trained in obedience and competed in Rally. Bob has studied and trained with many notable trainers, behaviorists and neuroscientists. His approach has evolved from 38 years of professional training and research.

Bob has a gift for connecting with dogs and people. He will work with you and give you what you need to know so you can manage, socialize and train your dog through reward and praise, not punishment, nor dominance. Bob will show you how to utilize techniques that will ensure your ability to continue to train and communicate with your dog after he is gone. His system is designed to make you independent and effective through leadership and enrichment.

Bob began rescuing (dognapping?) feral puppies at age 6. It was then he first developed a fascination with how and what dogs think. He had responsibility for his first rescue at age 8. His early interest in animal and human psychology led to a Social Science degree in 1971 from Pace University in NYC, after a two year stint in the US Army (66-68) and a year in Vietnam (67-68). In 1968, after he married Honey, went to a year of graduate school in Sociology, subsequently had 2 children. He worked as a social worker, teacher, and in 1974 became parole and probation agent. He worked full time and went to the University of Baltimore School of Law at night. In 1978  became a criminal and civil trial attorney. After a 25 year career as a trial lawyer, he developed an animal law practice.  He was a founding member of the Animal Law Section of the Maryland Bar Association, was on the Board of the Baltimore Humane Society (a no-kill), and became a well-known advocate for animal rights. He retired from the active practice of law in 2013 and moved to Southwest Florida. He currently lives Bonita Springs, Florida, where he enjoys writing, meeting new dogs and their owners, traveling and ballroom dancing with Honey.

Next Steps...

Contact Bob Kessler personally to arrange a home or park visit.  Individual lessons are offered one at a  time or in a package of four (4).  The program is designed to make you independent as a trainer so you can continue without the necessity of continued lessons.